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A Nod to Our National Parks

A Nod to Our National Parks

Get up, get dressed, get out, and see our country (when it’s safe to do so)

Gather some firewood, your best hiking shoes, and an appetite to explore, because we are highlighting some of the best national parks around the country. For over a century, the National Park Service has managed and preserved millions of acres across the United States, all for enjoyment, inspiration, and education. Each year, over 300-million visitors explore 62 parks across the country. From Yellowstone to Yosemite to Zion to the Grand Canyon and Grand Teton, there are countless experiences to be had, reveling in the splendorous beauty of Mother Nature. So, what makes a national park, a national park? Other than the enthralling landscape, the area must have an unusual ecosystem or an abundance of recreational activities–think hiking trails, rafting, kayaking, and camping. Do you know where the closest national park is to you? Twenty-nine states have them. From Maine to Texas to California to American Samoa... you just may be a short drive away from gushing streams, blooming wildflowers, staggering mountains, willowing trees, Bighorn sheep, Trumpeter swans, rocky hikes, and intrepid trails. How close is your next adventure?

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

photo credit: @chrisleipelt.photos

Yosemite National Park 

photo credit: @thejoltjoker

Zion National Park

photo credit: @noah__austin

Grand Canyon National Park

photo credit: @sojyjohn

Valley of Fire

photo credit: @fatherinthewild

Arches National Park

photo credit: @peterlaster

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park

photo credit: @aows