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Musing Over Maine

Musing Over Maine

Benevolent port towns & breathtaking woodlands

Calling all outdoorsy adventurers, Maine would like you to pick up the phone. We all could use an extra dose of fresh air these days, preferably more than 6 feet apart from others, which is why we are loving extra on Maine and its vast forests, towering mountains, empty hiking trails, and shining seas. 

Have an escapade of your choice. Maybe that’s hiking Gulf Hagas–Maine’s largest gorge, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East or perusing the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and Acadia National Park. One of the more understated activities that we recommend is island hopping. Yes, you can island hop in Maine! Start in Portland and hop around seven of the major islands as well as dozens of others. 

Portland is adored by tourists and locals alike, but we also love all of the quaint, historic port towns like Camden and Kennebunkport. Boutique, seaside hotels, and luxury resorts are sprinkled along the coast. Incredible restaurants are also just about everywhere you turn, and there’s seafood galore. Prepare your taste buds for some of the best clams, scallops, oysters, crab, and lobster, of course.

It’s quite easy to come by lobster in Maine. You don’t have to dine at a white-tablecloth restaurant or spend all of your vacation money in one go–many seaside towns have modest shacks serving up the beloved delicacy. Eat it with the perfect amount of mayo piled on a hot and buttery roll, or if you prefer, freshly steamed and dipped in butter with a side of corn and potatoes. Just about any restaurant by the shore will be serving the best of the best. Personally, we like our lobster rolls with a view, kicking back in an Adirondack chair, gazing out onto the peaceful, stillness of Popham Beach and appreciating the simplicity of it all.

Bar Harbor

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St. George

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St. George

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Cape Elizabeth

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