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Beach Insider: Portland, Maine

Beach Insider: Portland, Maine

Discover a Quaint Coastal Destination


Nothing says summer like a getaway to a charming New England town. Home to secluded beaches and an impressive restaurant scene, Portland is the perfect place to seek a few blissful days full of to-die-for seafood, picturesque coastal bluffs and salty ocean breeze.

Best Beach

"The best part about Maine is how easy it is to find private beaches. Scarborough Beach has great waves, and it’s long, sandy and family friendly. If I’m not feeling up for the crowd, there are always small, secluded beaches, like Mother’s Beach in Cape Elizabeth or some unnamed stretches around Portland Head Light. Even on the busiest beaches, you can find serene little corners. You just have to be willing to adventure."

Eat, Drink, Repeat

"Restaurant hopping is a really fun side to living in this small city. They’re all within easy walking distance of each other, and some of the best restaurants in the area are still the old establishments on the water (or even on boats, like DiMillo’s). For dinner, I love Boda. The noodle bowls are amazing, and their pork buns are my absolute favorite. Taco Escobarr has the best homemade tequilas, while David’s has amazing food and is perfect for a date night. My favorite breweries are Urban Farm Fermentory and Maine Mead Works. They’re unique in that neither specializes in beer."

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