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Good Stays: 8 Hotels With Conservation & Community Initiatives

Good Stays: 8 Hotels With Conservation & Community Initiatives

By Esme Benjamin

As travelers, we get to visit some of the most extraordinary places on the planet –– places that deserve our protection and support. If you’re looking for an easy way to give back to the destinations that have enriched you, consider staying at a hotel that’s dedicated to making a difference through conservation and community initiatives. Read on for our list of ethics-driven hotels offering feel-good stays, from the Polynesian private island working towards carbon neutrality, to the Californian ranch helping fund a local health center. 

Casa Grande, Ted Turner Suite | Courtesy of Vermejo

Vermejo, A Ted Turner Reserve, New Mexico 

To call Vermejo expansive would be an understatement. Set on over 550,000 acres of unspoiled Northern New Mexico wilderness, where more than 1,200 bison roam, this luxury ranch boasts 19 fishable lakes and 30 miles of crystalline streams. Conservation of the landscape and its inhabitants is a priority for the resort, which is working to reintroduce the endangered Rio Grande cutthroat trout, regenerate aspen stands in its upland forests, and protect river banks to encourage healthy fish populations. Naturally, activities at Vermejo are designed to help guests appreciate their surroundings. Once you’re ready to leave your comfortable quarters for the day, head out into the mountains for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, archery, geocaching and fishing. 

Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn | By Kodia Greenwood

Post Ranch Inn, California

Nestled among 100 acres of fragrant redwood forests and misty cliffs in idyllic Big Sur, California, the Post Ranch Inn sets a high bar for green hospitality. Ninety percent of its land is dedicated to nurturing endangered species while removing invasive ones, and the hotel has planted over 150 redwoods and native oaks, helping preserve the region’s iconic trees. As well as being responsible stewards of the land, Post Ranch Inn is committed to supporting the local community by organizing the funding of a non-profit health center and making regular donations to The Big Sur Community Fund, which was established to support local charitable organizations. 

Courtesy of Good Hotel

The Good Hotel, Guatemala

Situated on a cobbled street in the 16th-century Guatemalan city of Antigua, Good Hotel offers its guests feel-good stays in the chic surroundings of a converted mansion. Twenty rooms furnished with art and furniture made by local craftspeople and a pretty courtyard overflowing with greenery create the oasis-vibe of Good Hotel, but what makes it truly special is its commendable purpose. Every centavo of the hotel’s profits supports the education of local children through the NGO Niños de Guatemala

Courtesy of Blancaneaux Lodge

Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

Part of a collection of high-end hideaways belonging to film director Francis Ford Coppola, the Blancaneaux Lodge offers guests an elegant stay in the raw wilderness of the Belize Chiquibul Forest Reserve. To reduce its carbon footprint, the lodge powers its operations using renewable energy from an onsite hydroelectric system. To contribute positively to the local community, it supplies academic scholarships to local students, and helps fund meals for underprivileged children and the elderly. While exploring the lush landscape and Mayan ruins on the doorstep, guests will also have the option to give back via the resort’s partnerships with the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic or the Belize Community Fund. 

Bushmans Kloof Picnic Experience © The Red Carnation Hotel Collection

Bushmans Kloof, South Africa

Cradled by the Cederberg Mountains, approximately two hours north of Cape Town, Bushmans Kloof provides a perfect blend of rugged outdoor adventure and high-end pampering. As a designated South African National Heritage Site, the resort protects ancient rock art created by ancestors of the indigenous Bushmen people, and offers guided tours of its one-of-a-kind open-air gallery. But ancient art isn’t the only thing Bushmans Kloof is protecting; The resort provides a safe home to a myriad of rare plants and several endangered animal species, including Cape mountain zebras and Cape leopards. Join guide-led nature drives and walks to explore the 19,000-acre reserve, go canoeing or fly fishing, or enjoy a picnic while wildlife spotting. 

Courtesy of The Brando

The Brando, French Polynesia 

Marlon Brando fell in love with the Tetiaroa atoll – a dozen untouched islets in French Polynesian, surrounded by a turquoise lagoon – while filming Mutiny on the Bounty, and in 1967 he purchased it with the intent of creating the world’s first post-carbon resort. The Brando is his legacy; the world’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified private island resort, which honors Polynesian culture and local biodiversity. The Brando strives to be completely carbon neutral, implementing state-of-the-art renewable energy including Sea Water Air Conditioning, which harnesses icy cold water from the depths of the ocean to air condition its luxury villas. During your stay, learn about Tetiaroa’s marine life (including rays, reef sharks and turtles) from the onsite research scientists, explore the lagoon by kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or Polynesian outrigger canoe (va’a), cycle through the jungle, or take a bird discovery tour with a naturalist guide to take your knowledge and experience deeper.

Courtesy of Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano, Italy

Undulant hills and thriving vineyards surround this thoughtfully restored estate in Tuscany, where a clever closed-loop ecosystem ensures every resource is carefully collected and utilized. Get out and explore the countryside on foot, horseback, or mountain bike, or use Borgo Pignano’s electric vehicle charging stations to visit nearby medieval villages. Alternatively, join the experts in the Honey Lab to learn about traditional honey collection techniques and the complex social lives of the honeybee population that pollinates the hotel’s vast garden of fresh produce. 

Courtesy of Three Camel Lodge

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Staying at Three Camel Lodge is a bucket list trip for anyone who relishes the feeling of remoteness. This collection of eco-friendly gers (traditional Mongolian tents) provides a comfortable base to explore the region’s riches by day (including the Yol Valley National Park and the Flaming Cliffs, a fossil-filled landscape of orange sandstone) and marvel at the vast glittering skies of the Gobi desert by night. The lodge's commitments to protecting local people, culture and environment are legion. It supports scientific expeditions, provides scholarships to local musicians and artists, donates Mongolian mastiff puppies to nomadic families (the dogs protect livestock, thus reducing conflict between humans and snow leopards), helps protect golden eagles (thus safeguarding the country’s falconry tradition), and has established permanent water wells to support the community during times of drought. 

*Featured image courtesy of Blancaneaux Lodge

A lucky snorkeler watching a MASSIVE fever of Mobula Rays glide past him during a trip with @bajarawtours. The Mobula migration is in full effect right now in Baja. Every year from April to June, you can witness huge congregations of these animals along the shores of the peninsula. It`s truly an incredible thing to see.

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Quang Phu Cau Incense Village is a traditional craft village located in Quang Phu Cau Commune, Ung Hoa District, Hanoi, Vietnam. The village has a long-standing history of producing high-quality incense sticks, and it is considered one of the oldest and most famous incense-making villages in the country.

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An English fairytale in Canterbury. A wonderful spot for a picnic especially when the sun is shining.

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As the only Hindu region of the predominantly Islamic Indonesian archipelago, Bali is an island rich with festivals and spiritual rituals – many of which visitors are welcome to respectfully participate in. After rinsing yourself under the holy spring water which cascades through a series of waterspouts, you will emerge feeling cleansed in body and soul.

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Our team & @sassafranski just finished a whirlwind road trip throughout the state of Kentucky visiting some of the best museums and cultural destinations in the state. Below are some of our favorites stops that should be on your list next time you visit.

Stop 1: @bluegrasshall
Stop 2: @owensboromuseumoffineart

Stop 3: Paducah Floodwall Murals
Stop 4: Guided Tour of Metropolitan Hotel

Stop 5: @downing_museum
Stop 6: Bowling Green Murals

Stop 7: @flame_run_gallery
Stop 8: @frazierhistorymuseum
Stop 9: @oldlouisvilleky Walking Tour
Stop 10: @speedartmuseum

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A hidden gem in Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a place where ancient history meets modern luxury. Reel: @hobopeeba ...

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Welcome to Season 4 of The Trip That Changed Me! Our first guest of the new season is @lauriewoolever, writer, editor, public speaker, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) in New York, and former assistant to @anthonybourdain, with whom she co-wrote several books.

In this episode, Laurie shares memories from Sri Lanka, where she joined Bourdain (or “Tony,” as she affectionately calls him) on a shoot for the TV show “Parts Unknown.” For Laurie, this trip was part business and part pleasure; an opportunity to explore the lush island nation with her friend and mentor while working on a story about Sri Lankan home cooking, but it was especially significant because she was newly sober. Navigating triggers and travel rituals that involved alcohol was challenging, but the experience shifted Laurie’s perspective. To her surprise, the world was bigger and better without the booze.

🎧 Link in bio to listen to an interview full of wonderful, personal anecdotes about Anthony Bourdain the traveler, plus loads of insider tips that food-obsessives will appreciate.

Cover Art: @nelsonknatalie

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This enormous staircase took 200 years to complete. With 691 steps, it has nine decorated levels with pyramids and statues called the Courtvard of the Kings. It crosses the hill to reach the Santuário Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

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Morning swim @borgobastiacreti

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Surround yourself in a picturesque scenery of cherry blossoms, tulips, pansy, viola and more at the rainbow colored flower field at Hinoyama Koen Park.

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Town between the mountains 🌊

The settlement of Ponta do Sol was founded around 1425, shortly after the discovery of the island by Portuguese settlers coming from Minho, the Beiras and the Algarve.

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From the picturesque canals of Friesland to breathtaking Flevoland, and the stunning Weerribben-Wieden National Park, there`s so much to explore in The Netherlands.

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Known for its colorful houses built on steep cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano is a small town located on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Some people might consider it overrated because of its popularity and high prices. However, others might argue that its beauty and charm are worth the cost and crowds. Tell us, what do you think about Positano as a summer destination?

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