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San Francisco

San Francisco

City Lights, Rolling Hills and Endless Bay Views

Known as the City by the Bay, San Francisco has more to offer than most cosmopolitan cities. In just a few hours of driving, you can take advantage of countless Californian treasures all the way from Napa Valley, Marin County, Carmel Valley, Silicon Valley to even Lake Tahoe. The city is filled with unique, historic boutiques, stunning hiking trails, sail boats in the San Francisco Bay and some of the most modern technology to reach an urban city. This summer, check out Proper Hotel’s rooftop bar Charmaine’s for stunning views of the city. Explore the legendary Chinatown district that boasts some of the most authentic Chinese cuisine outside of Asia. Grab a bike, or cable car to Fisherman's Wharf and board the ferry into Sausalito, a charming seaside town right over the Golden Gate Bridge. Wonderful weather year-round makes this city and its surrounding area a timeless destination for you to start exploring.



The Proper Hotel


Lombard Street



Lower Russian Hill Cable Car



Lyon Street Steps


Downtown Waterfront



Golden Gate Bridge