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Wild, Wild, Wyoming

Wild, Wild, Wyoming

Elevated spirit of the West

For some, Wyoming might seem like an unassuming travel destination, but that’s one of the main reasons we love it. We’re here to show you why it’s one of the greatest states to visit, especially if you’re in need of a break from the city.

If you enjoy the outdoors, then Wyoming is paradise. There is plenty of space to explore, and we mean plenty. With just under 600,000 people in almost 100,000 square miles, it is the definition of a breath of fresh air. Roam the breathtaking landscape, trying outdoorsy activities like kayaking, horseback riding, dirt biking, rafting, rock climbing–the list goes on and on. It’s hard to sit still in this state. 

In Wyoming, you won’t find yourself being overwhelmed by crowds. There’s no traffic, and little pollution, so if you haven’t tried stargazing in a while, get ready to be blown away by the sky. There’s also a plethora of things to admire during the day as well. From iconic spots in Yellowstone National Park, including Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring, to the wonders of Grand Teton, Devil’s Tower National Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument, and numerous other preserved wilderness areas. 

Don’t mistake less people for less things to do and enjoy. One of the things we love about visiting Wyoming and experiencing the culture of the West, is being able to play cowboy. Staying at a dude ranch is more of an adventure than anything. Reconnect with wildlife, and the earthy smells surrounding you, meet and make friends with other visitors as you relax in a trout stream or hike a mountain vista. Don’t forget to soak up every second away from the fast-paced world, you might even feel like you’ve gone back in time in many ways. Like you clicked reset.

We could go on about the nuances and quirks that make Wyoming unlike any other state, but you won’t quite understand it until you’re breathing the air.

Yellowstone National Park

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Jackson Hole

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Devil's Tower National Monument

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Grand Prismatic Spring

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Yellowstone National Park

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Jackson Hole

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"This sculpture is called "Transmission" by artist Daniel Popper. Its a reminder that we are all rooted in love, unity and the divine. She stands a towering 28 feet tall and is located on Mojave Moon Ranch in Joshua Tree. The land is private property, so you can see it from the viewing platform off of Sunfair Road. And take it from me, it's best viewed at sunset."

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There's more to Greece than the white and blue buildings and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. If you're planning a visit, check out these places below!

📍Kokkinopilos. Preveza
📍Verliga Dragon lake, Thessaly
📍Ithaca island, lonian Sea
📍Aoos springs lake, Epirus
📍Lake Prespes, Macedonia
📍Balda di Stringa waterfalls, Epirus
📍Meteora, Thessaly
📍Pelion, Thessaly
📍Lake Zorika, Epirus
📍Mt Lakmos
📍Crete island, Aegean Sea
📍Gistova Dragon lake, Macedonia

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Swim or kayak through the limestone cliffs of the Twin Lagoon, a must-visit destination for those traveling to Coron, Palawan, Philippines. It is called "twin" lagoon because it consists of two lagoons separated by a limestone cliff, with one lagoon on top of the other. The water in the inner lagoon is warm and clear, with a stunning turquoise color that makes it popular for swimming and snorkeling.

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Take a dip in a series of seven saltwater lagoons located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. The Lagoons of Baltinache are known for their beautiful turquoise waters and unique geological formations. The high concentration of minerals in the water gives it a unique buoyancy that makes swimming in the lagoons a unique experience.

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Watching the sun rise above the clouds at Haleakalā National Park is one of the most memorable experiences you could have. Haleakalā is a Hawaiian name that means “House of the Sun” and is an awesome place to watch the clear night sky and stars fade away as the sun lights up the sky and the earth.

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Just 1 hour from Shanghai by train, Cherry Blossom Valley is a popular tourist destination, particularly in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The valley is named after the thousands of cherry blossom trees that cover the area and create a stunning display of pink and white flowers. The trees were originally planted in the 1980s by a group of Japanese experts who were invited to China to help with reforestation efforts. The best time to visit is typically in late March or early April. Get there early to beat the crowds!

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New Zealand is unbelievable. See it for yourself:

1. Fiordland National Park
2. A classic backcountry hut trip
3. Blue Pools walk
4. Hooker Lake
5. Milford Sound
6. Lake Pukaki

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Surrounded by lush greenery, towering karst mountains, and the river flowing through, the Detian Waterfall is a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the close relationship between China and Vietnam. It is the largest waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest cross-border waterfall in the world.

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Escape to a serene and peaceful oasis away from the bustling city of Marrakech at Le Jardin Secret—a beautiful and historic garden where visitors can escape the noise and chaos and enjoy the beauty of nature. The garden was originally built in the 16th century and is home to many different species of plants, including exotic flowers, citrus trees, and palm trees.

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For a magical moment and bucket list travel experience, visit the end point of the annual monarch butterfly migration. Starting in August, the monarchs travel 2,800 miles south from Canada, making a temporary home amid the towering trees of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, where the two most popular sanctuaries to view them are el Rosario in the state of Michoacan and Piedra Herrada in Estado de México. Standing in silence while thousands of delicate wings beat in unison is something you'll never forget.

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There's just something beautiful about snow covered landscapes like this popular attraction in southwestern Utah. Known for its unique geology, @brycecanyonnps_gov consists of a series of natural amphitheaters, called "hoodoos," formed by erosion of the rock layers.

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As we experience a couple more weeks of winter, we can't help but dream of tropical destinations like Hawaii. The warm water, sunny skies, and consistent waves make it an ideal destination for surfers. Hawaii has a vibrant surf culture and community and is also a beautiful place to explore outside of the water, with lush green mountains, stunning beaches, and unique cultural experiences.

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1. @sequoiakingsnps, California
2. @canyonlandsnps, Utah
3. @olympic_nps, Washington
4. @whitesandsnps, New Mexico
5. Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona
6. Knik Glacier, Alaska

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