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Luxury and Adventure Await

There’s no better place to unplug than the jungle. With extraordinary wildlife, lush landscapes and untouched surroundings, it’s the perfect atmosphere for both adventure and serenity. Head to Panama’s newly opened Islas Secas, an entire archipelago of luxury and seclusion waiting to be explored; or Dominica’s recently reopened Secret Bay, where voluntourism provides a way to give back to the peaceful island. No matter where you travel, you can’t go wrong with these paradise-level escapes.  

Osla Palenque, Panama

@Isla Palenque

Just opened in the past year, Isla Palenque is that rare place where luxury meets the wild wonder of the jungle. With no less than seven secluded beaches and 400 acres of lush rainforest, this private island resort is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of escape: hike amongst tropical wildlife, paddleboard in bright blue waters or enjoy the best whale watching in Panama. Though, in a place like this, we wouldn’t blame you if you spent the day blissed out in a beachfront hammock instead.

Islas Secas, Panama

@Olivia Von Christierson

Also brand new and off the coast of Panama is Islas Secas—a resort boasting an entire archipelago made up of 14 magnificent islets. Though remote—guests must travel by plane, car and boat to reach it—this gorgeous spot doesn’t sacrifice luxury: make yourself at home in one of nine private villas, complete with plunge pools and an indoor-outdoor feel. After a day spent snorkeling and exploring this tropical wonderland, there’s nothing better than falling asleep to the sounds of nature.

Secret Bay, Dominica

@Vicky Nanowski

Newly reopened Secret Bay is the ultimate destination for adventurous and environmentally conscious travelers. This eco-hotel prides itself on ethical luxury and sustainable practices—guests can even participate in voluntourism projects and assist with Hurricane Maria rehabilitation. With just six villas on the property and countless untouched natural wonders to explore, expect an intimate and transformative experience.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

@Mashpi Lodge

This spot takes the term “eco-lodge” to the next level: Mashpi Lodge was built into Ecuador’s existing jungle landscape, so not a single tree was removed during construction. Respect for the rainforest is apparent in every aspect of this luxurious oasis—glass walls ensure that greenery is never out of sight, and 500 species of birds, trees and frogs surround this nature-lover’s paradise.

Awasi Iguazu, Argentina


Nestled deep in the Argentinian rainforest, you’ll find the perfect marriage of comfort and adventure at Awasi Iguazu. Explore the spectacular surroundings with the help of your private guide (assigned to each one of the 14 villas) and prepare to be awestruck by the natural wonder of Iguazu Falls, just 20 minutes from the lodge. End the day with a dip in your private plunge pool, an exquisite meal at canopy level, and then drift off to the ambient sounds of the rainforest.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Peru


Journey into the Peruvian Amazon and we can guarantee you’ll never be the same. The award-winning Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica boasts blissful cabanas and soothing spa experiences, all surrounded by magnificent wildlife and the magic of the rainforest. But there’s plenty of adventure to be had, too; guests are welcome to choose from an array of unforgettable excursions, from river boat rides to nighttime hikes.

Cristalino Lodge, Brazil

@Cristalino by Samuel Melim

Brazil’s Cristalino Lodge is a rainforest escape that attracts wildlife enthusiasts looking for a spectacular Amazonian sanctuary. Cozy yet spacious, the bungalows balance design and comfort, while two huge observation towers offer unparalleled views of the treetops. With forest conservation efforts and ecological education initiatives, guests can rest easy knowing that Cristalino prioritizes responsible tourism.