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Winter Wonderlands

Winter Wonderlands

We're Bundled Up and Ready for These Cold-Weather Trips

Who else has been bitten by the travel bug now that winter is setting in? Instead of escaping the cold, lean into the season by traveling to a fairytale-worthy winter wonderland. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the slopes or a cozy fireside reading nook—you’ll be swooning over the beauty of these snow-covered destinations. This winter, we’re ready to sleigh all day.

@Fox Jia

Lapland, Finland

Can you think of anything more magical than cuddling up under the stars in your own glass-ceilinged igloo to watch the northern lights? Didn’t think so. The Lapland region of Finland is full of resorts that take advantage of this beautiful natural phenomenon and make for the most romantic winter getaway—sleigh ride included.

@Max Adulyanukosol

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is the birthplace of “hygge,” a word and concept that means the feeling of coziness, contentment and enjoyment of simple pleasures. Pack your comfiest cable-knit sweater and prepare to get majorly into the holiday spirit as Denmark’s capital city wraps you in hygge, from its quaint cafes to its trendy local shops.

@Nellia Kurme

Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are famous for their ski resorts and eye-catching peaks. What better way to embrace the winter season than with iconic views of the the Matterhorn and rustic old-fashioned chalets? Whether you’d prefer to hit the slopes or the spa, Zermatt is home to the winter vacation you’ve been daydreaming about.

@Daniil Silantev

Moscow, Russia

With holiday markets in Red Square and the swirling peaks of Saint Basil’s Cathedral rising over the city, it doesn’t get more festive than this. The old-world cityscape of Moscow mixes with snow to create a breathtaking urban exploration like no other.

@Ryan Stone

Banff National Park, Canada

No, it’s not an Instagram filter — the water really is that pristine shade of blue! Moraine Lake and its turquoise banks are just one of the reasons to visit Canada’s Banff National Park. Its hiking trails are world-renowned, and it boasts the largest cave system in Canada (looking at you, adventure junkies).

@Thomas Kelley

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride combines the charm of an old coal-mining town with the adventure and luxury of a world-class ski resort, making it an unbeatable winter getaway. Ski bums and foodies alike will be thrilled by the experience of dining at Alpino Vino, the highest elevation fine-dining restaurant in America, which sits at over 12,000 feet.

@Yonatan Anugerah

Cappadocia, Turkey

Largely known as a hotspot for lovers of archeology and geology, Cappadocia transforms in the winter season. The most exciting way to view the snow-covered loveliness? By hot-air balloon, of course! Hold on to your hats!