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Wellness On The Strip: Your Rejuvenating Winter Getaway in Vegas

Wellness On The Strip: Your Rejuvenating Winter Getaway in Vegas 

By Esme Benjamin

When you picture Las Vegas, you probably think of late nights, strong drinks, live shows, and dazzling casinos. Sure, Vegas is undeniably one of the best places in the world to party, but behind all the indulgence is a hidden side of the city – one that puts an emphasis on health and wellness.

Dawn simulating alarm clock in Stay Well rooms | By Keiron Berndt

At MGM Resorts, a pioneering hospitality initiative is helping travelers level up their well-being. When you check into a Stay Well™ room, you enter an environment that’s been meticulously designed with the latest wellness technologies from Delos to rejuvenate you: air purifiers remove airborne allergens and pollutants; a healthy, certified-organic memory foam mattress and soundscape machine aid good sleep; a shower infuser removes chlorine from bathing water; and circadian-conscious lighting schemes, including a dawn-simulating alarm clock, work with the body’s natural rhythms to energize or relax you. Plus, each Stay Well room comes with guided meditation videos led by Deepak Chopra and award-winning wellness programs from the Cleveland Clinic. 

Stay Well rooms at ARIA Resort & Casino | By Keiron Berndt

If you’ve already had your fill of holiday season excess, a rejuvenating Stay Well break could be exactly what you need. Available to book at some of MGM Resorts’ most popular Las Vegas accommodations, including Bellagio Hotel & Casino, ARIA Resort & Casino, Park MGM Las Vegas, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, and many more, Stay Well rooms are the perfect foundation for a pampering Vegas break. Complete your winter wellness kick with a visit to one of MGM Resorts’ spas for a muscle-melting massage or complexion-enhancing facial before relaxing by the pool, smoothie in hand. 

*This article is sponsored by MGM Resorts