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The World’s Most Romantic Trips

The World’s Most Romantic Trips

By Esme Benjamin

Leaving responsibilities and daily stresses behind to escape on a romantic trip can help stoke connection – whether you pick a sumptuous and relaxing break or an adventurous getaway that nudges you out of your comfort zone. We scoured the travelsphere for the world’s most romantic trips, from quirky experiences and elegant resorts to bespoke expeditions and over-the-top pampering. 

Treepod Dining | Courtesy of Soneva Kiri

Savor a Treetop Dinner Date in Thailand

Located 90 minutes from the bustle of Bangkok on the tranquil island of Koh Kood, Soneva Kiri offers guests beach views and jungle ambiance from the comfort of their own luxury villa. The resort excels at unique, romantic experiences that immerse couples in Thailand’s natural beauty, from a private movie night overlooking the lagoon to stargazing with a resident astronomer. For the ultimate dinner date book the Treepod Dining experience, a private meal enjoyed in a bamboo pod, hoisted up into the tropical canopy. Full table service is provided courtesy of a ziplining waiter. 

Four Seasons San Domenico Palace | Courtesy of Four Seasons Resorts

Stay at the Real Sicilian Resort Depicted in The White Lotus

If the cliffside resort in season two of The White Lotus captured your attention as much as the show’s compulsive plot, make Four Seasons San Domenico Palace the scene of your next romantic getaway. The former 14th-century convent in Taormina, Sicily, blends historic architecture and contemporary luxury with a quintessential Mediterranean backdrop - a recipe for romance that’s been attracting guests of exacting taste for decades, from Oscar Wilde to Sophia Loren. Amp up the romance even more with a private sunset sail or a stargazing picnic for two. 

Courtesy of Argos in Cappadocia

Drift Over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon

If you’ve seen images of colorful hot air balloons drifting over the rock spires of Cappadocia on social media, then the Turkish destination is probably already on your bucket list. Book a stay at Argos in Cappadocia, an inimitable cave-like hotel composed from revamped ancient residences and subterranean passageways, for an experience you’ll never forget. Rise at daybreak and take a private hot air balloon ride over the valleys and “fairy chimney” rock formations, then enjoy a vineyard tour and wine tasting in the resort’s cavernous underground wine cellar.

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve | By Brian van der Brug

Witness the Monarch Butterfly Migration in Mexico

For a magical moment and bucket list travel experience, take your beloved to the end point of the annual monarch butterfly migration. Starting in August, the monarchs travel 2,800 miles south from Canada, making a temporary home amid the towering trees of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, where the two most popular sanctuaries to view them are el Rosario in the state of Michoacan and Piedra Herrada in Estado de México. Standing in silence while thousands of delicate wings beat in unison is something you'll never forget you shared together.

Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia | Courtesy of Aqua Expeditions

Take a Small Boat Cruise to Indonesia’s Dreamiest Islands

While Bali is a failsafe destination for a romantic trip, the archipelagic nation of Indonesia includes thousands of idyllic islands worth exploring. Join Aqua Expeditions for a small ship cruise to the Komodo National Park (home of the fierce Komodo dragons), the Spice Islands, or the Raja Ampat islands (known for unparalleled marine diversity), soaking up tropical landscapes while enjoying life aboard the Aqua Blu, a long-range explorer yacht with just 15 luxury suites and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy your time together. 

One honeymoon took a couple back in time to Renaissance Italy | Image courtesy of Based On A True Story

Enjoy a Truly Extraordinary Adventure Trip

Newlyweds with an adventurous streak and a plump budget can experience a honeymoon unlike any other when they hire Based On A True Story, a travel company that specializes in trips that go above and beyond a typical luxury experience. Led by the couple’s interests, Based On A True Story will create quests and expeditions that involve once-in-a-lifetime encounters, surprise twists and sometimes the construction of entire fantasy worlds complete with casts of characters. 

Read our interview with the founder of Based On A True Story >>
andBeyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge | Courtesy of andBeyond

Combine Safari and Beach For a Balanced Honeymoon

If you’re struggling to choose between a safari adventure and a relaxing beach break, pick a trip that combines the two. Like, for example, andBeyond’s 10-day Tanzania itinerary, which takes couples to the Selous Game Reserve in search of the Big Five, then on to Mnemba Island, a private paradise in Zanzibar where they can learn to scuba dive or lounge shoreside and enjoy the beautiful secluded beach with a cocktail in hand. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Northern lights in Alaska | Courtesy of Kensington Tours

Chase the Northern Lights in the Wilds of Alaska

America’s last frontier offers pristine wilderness, animal encounters and adventurous terrain that are far from what you’d expect from the average romantic getaway. Cozy up on an adventure through Alaska with Kensington Tours, whose team will create a custom itinerary including options like dog sledding through frozen landscapes, hiking across glistening glaciers and chasing the Northern Lights. 

Courtesy of Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf

Take a Romantic Solo Break in St. Barths

Just because you’re not coupled up doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on a pampering break. At 5-star Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf in St. Barths solo travelers can book the “alonemoon” package, a romantic treat for one which includes a $250 voucher for an indulgent French meal at the resort’s restaurant (where the menu was designed by three-Michelin-star winner Chef Pierre Gagnaire), two spa treatments, a private yoga and meditation class, and a $150 gift card to l’address shopping boutique. 

*The alonemoon package is available for guests staying a minimum of four nights in a Bungalow Deluxe.

Featured image courtesy of andBeyond

A lucky snorkeler watching a MASSIVE fever of Mobula Rays glide past him during a trip with @bajarawtours. The Mobula migration is in full effect right now in Baja. Every year from April to June, you can witness huge congregations of these animals along the shores of the peninsula. It`s truly an incredible thing to see.

Reel: @wandering.westerner

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Quang Phu Cau Incense Village is a traditional craft village located in Quang Phu Cau Commune, Ung Hoa District, Hanoi, Vietnam. The village has a long-standing history of producing high-quality incense sticks, and it is considered one of the oldest and most famous incense-making villages in the country.

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An English fairytale in Canterbury. A wonderful spot for a picnic especially when the sun is shining.

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As the only Hindu region of the predominantly Islamic Indonesian archipelago, Bali is an island rich with festivals and spiritual rituals – many of which visitors are welcome to respectfully participate in. After rinsing yourself under the holy spring water which cascades through a series of waterspouts, you will emerge feeling cleansed in body and soul.

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Our team & @sassafranski just finished a whirlwind road trip throughout the state of Kentucky visiting some of the best museums and cultural destinations in the state. Below are some of our favorites stops that should be on your list next time you visit.

Stop 1: @bluegrasshall
Stop 2: @owensboromuseumoffineart

Stop 3: Paducah Floodwall Murals
Stop 4: Guided Tour of Metropolitan Hotel

Stop 5: @downing_museum
Stop 6: Bowling Green Murals

Stop 7: @flame_run_gallery
Stop 8: @frazierhistorymuseum
Stop 9: @oldlouisvilleky Walking Tour
Stop 10: @speedartmuseum

Visit @kytourism for your next trip to the Bluegrass state! #TravelKY #partner

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A hidden gem in Saudi Arabia, AlUla is a place where ancient history meets modern luxury. Reel: @hobopeeba ...

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Welcome to Season 4 of The Trip That Changed Me! Our first guest of the new season is @lauriewoolever, writer, editor, public speaker, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) in New York, and former assistant to @anthonybourdain, with whom she co-wrote several books.

In this episode, Laurie shares memories from Sri Lanka, where she joined Bourdain (or “Tony,” as she affectionately calls him) on a shoot for the TV show “Parts Unknown.” For Laurie, this trip was part business and part pleasure; an opportunity to explore the lush island nation with her friend and mentor while working on a story about Sri Lankan home cooking, but it was especially significant because she was newly sober. Navigating triggers and travel rituals that involved alcohol was challenging, but the experience shifted Laurie’s perspective. To her surprise, the world was bigger and better without the booze.

🎧 Link in bio to listen to an interview full of wonderful, personal anecdotes about Anthony Bourdain the traveler, plus loads of insider tips that food-obsessives will appreciate.

Cover Art: @nelsonknatalie

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This enormous staircase took 200 years to complete. With 691 steps, it has nine decorated levels with pyramids and statues called the Courtvard of the Kings. It crosses the hill to reach the Santuário Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

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Morning swim @borgobastiacreti

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Surround yourself in a picturesque scenery of cherry blossoms, tulips, pansy, viola and more at the rainbow colored flower field at Hinoyama Koen Park.

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Town between the mountains 🌊

The settlement of Ponta do Sol was founded around 1425, shortly after the discovery of the island by Portuguese settlers coming from Minho, the Beiras and the Algarve.

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From the picturesque canals of Friesland to breathtaking Flevoland, and the stunning Weerribben-Wieden National Park, there`s so much to explore in The Netherlands.

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Known for its colorful houses built on steep cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano is a small town located on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Some people might consider it overrated because of its popularity and high prices. However, others might argue that its beauty and charm are worth the cost and crowds. Tell us, what do you think about Positano as a summer destination?

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