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Travel like royalty at these historic palaces that have opened their refurbished doors to overnight guests — noble lineage not required. With wing after wing of unrestrained interiors, Doric pillars and frilly columns, glittering chandeliers and marble staircases, palace hotels give new meaning to over-the-top opulence with service fit for a king — and queen.


While visiting Lisbon’s Palacio Belmonte, don’t miss the swoon-inducing palaces of nearby Sintra.
Yes, Quinta da Regaleira beckons with ornate embellishments and spires, but it’s the extensive gardens with labyrinthine paths and connected underground tunnels that really get us gawking. Hello, inverted tower dedicated to tarot mysticism.
Gothic and all-white, The National Palace, with its centuries-long list of visiting kings and queens, is a present-day house museum. The room full of 18th-century azulejos tiles in the Sala dos Brasoes is worth the trip alone.
One of the grandest examples of Romantic architecture in the world, the opulent, architecturally indulgent Pena Palace was built in the 19th century by Ferdinand II. Consider it a visual feast of vivid color and beyond-ornate design tucked into forested parklands.

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In a busy tangle of Alfama’s ancient cobblestone streets along the walls of the Castelo de Sao Jorge, Palacio Belmonte is a sumptuous reminder of Lisbon’s regal past. Dating back to 1449 (and surviving the earthquake of 1755), it’s one of the oldest buildings in the city. Renovated to be more like an intimate home, the shared spaces and 10 spacious suites read like a luxe residence, one with centuries-old blue-and-white Portuguese tiles, plush yet lived-in furniture, ancient tapestries and contemporary art. Owners Frederic and Maria Coustols, who have palace-sized personalities themselves, infuse the space, as well as your stay, with history, literature, music and art. “We live in permanent movement,” says Maria. “We love art, and the walls keep changing after new exhibitions.” The latest: a beautiful light installation by Polish artist Joachim Slugocki in the lobby.

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The Brag

Located in twin Parisian palaces commissioned by King Louis XV, Hôtel de Crillon is home to some of history’s most famous — and infamous — moments. Benjamin Franklin signed a treaty to recognize the Declaration of Independence there, while Marie-Antoinette was guillotined at its nearby square. Today, the hotel gives guests the chance to interact with a different kind of royalty: fashion. Karl Lagerfeld recently designed its Grands Appartements, a pair of interconnecting suites with no shortage of opulence: Baccarat chandeliers, hand-finished wood panels, sweeping Place de la Concorde views and even some of the designer’s favorite books.

"With wing after wing of unrestrained interiors, Doric pillars and frilly columns, glittering chandeliers and marble staircases, palace hotels give new meaning to over-the-top opulence with service fit for a king — and queen."

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One of the oldest palaces in Jaipur, Sujan Rajmahal Palace is tucked into lush gardens and decorated in an elaborate riot of patterned wallpaper and endless charm, worthy of its gilded history. The hotel is widely — and justly — considered the gold standard of Indian luxury.

Formerly a home to Ottoman sultans, Istanbul’s waterfront Ciragan baroque palace-turned-Kempinkski hotel sits directly on the Bosphorus, with gardens stretching nearly a mile along the waterfront.

Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea (and just 25 miles from Rome), La Posta Vecchia oozes glamorous Italian splendor with jaw-dropping interiors, rarefied collections, frescoes and pinch-me panoramic views.

Sunsets in Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey offer a mesmerizing sight with vibrant colors against the backdrop of fairy chimneys and rock formations. It`s a serene and unforgettable experience, perfect for capturing stunning photographs and enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

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Vietnam is a stunning blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. From the lush rice terraces to the serene waters of Ha Long Bay, its landscapes are captivating. The warmth and resilience of its people add a unique charm, whether in bustling cities like Hanoi or historic sites like Hue. Vietnam offers a profound experience that merges breathtaking scenery with a vibrant local culture, leaving visitors enchanted and inspired.

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Explore Madeira`s stunning coastline: rugged cliffs, volcanic formations like Ponta de São Lourenço, and charming fishing villages like Funchal. Discover the natural beauty and vibrant culture of this Portuguese gem!

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Elevate your date night at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas! Start with a meal at one of the property`s 40+ restaurants, then head to the stunning new High-Limit Gaming Lounge in The Palazzo. Whether you`re spinning the slots or going all-in at the tables, you`re in for an unforgettable experience. Ready to get lucky? Link in bio! ...

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The pool at @krallerhof is an elegant and inviting oasis, nestled within the beautiful surroundings of the Austrian Alps. It offers a serene retreat for guests to relax and unwind, with both indoor and outdoor options available. The pool area is meticulously maintained and features luxurious amenities, providing a tranquil escape for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

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Point Reyes: A coastal gem with diverse landscapes, wildlife, and stunning views. Perfect for hiking, beachcombing, and stargazing.

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The Busan Air Cruise, also known as the Sky Capsule Train, is a popular attraction in Busan, South Korea. This unique train ride takes passengers on a journey above the city, providing stunning panoramic views of Busan`s coastline, mountains, and urban landscape. The futuristic capsule-shaped cabins offer a comfortable and immersive experience, making it a must-try activity for visitors exploring Busan.

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"Checking into Estelle Manor, the closest thing to a Saltburn-esque staycation you`ll ever experience in the UK. Imagine a beautifully restored Jacobean manor on the cusp of the Cotswolds and nestled within 3,000 acres of Oxfordshire parkland, with extravagant interiors to match (expect bold artworks and intricate details around each corner), a Riviera-style pool to lounge by, and three different restaurant to sink your teeth into. The addition of the hotel`s new Eynsham Baths (an incredible spa modelled on traditional Roman baths) really takes the hotel up another notch, despite it already being in a league of its own." - @ginagoesto ...

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A scenic coastal drive in Africa.

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At The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, HaSalon is the spot for upscale, experiential dining. With an energetic atmosphere, exceptional service, and the freshest eats, HaSalon nails high-end, upbeat interactive dining. ...

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Atlantis Ibiza: Famous for its cliffs and coves, perfect for adventurous activities like cliff diving and snorkeling.

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