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Magic in Mexico

Magic in Mexico

Mezcal, music, mountains, y más!

Between the breathtaking beaches, vibrant cities, and colonial towns, Mexico has something for just about everyone. Explore lush and lively jungles, including the Lacandon Jungle, a rainforest that stretches from Chiapas into Honduras and down into the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Filled with medicinal plants, sacred trees, and numerous bird, plant, and fish species to admire, the variety of wildlife will leave you speechless. If you’re looking to traverse a dryer climate, and gaze at even more unique varieties of plants and animals, Mexico is nearly ⅓ desert. The country may be hot, but the numerous museums, parks, and monuments will make you forget about that sweat dripping down your neck, even just for a second. Catch some waves at the Southern coastline, which boasts the best conditions for every type of surfer. And don’t forget to fully immerse yourself in Mexico’s fascinating culture. Learn about the influences from the indigenous to the Spanish to the Mesoamerican’s, that shaped the Mexico we all know and love today. Last but not least, Mexico’s signature spirits have to be mentioned. Taste some of the best tequila you’ve ever had in your life, sip on smoky mezcal, and savor every drop. We promise you, it tastes better south of the border.


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Playa Del Carmen

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Chichén Itzá

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Mexico City

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