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Colored-Sand Beaches

Colored-Sand Beaches

Pink Sand? Green Sand? Black Sand, Oh My!

The impending gloom of winter is upon us, but these different shades of sand will lighten up your mood and inspire your next beach vacation or weekend getaway. The wide spectrum of sand hues, that are sure to make a splash on your Instagram feed, are caused by erosion from nearby landscapes, volcanic eruptions, and sometimes decades of crushed up sea shells. In return, we have stunning colored sand beaches to feast our eyes on. From bright white to pink, red, and green...what color do you see in your future?

Vik, Iceland

Black Sand Beach
photo credit: @intihimoni

Camps Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

White Sand Beach
photo credit: @henry_michaelis

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Pink Sand Beach
photo credit: @blau.ton

Kaihalulu Beach, Hana, Maui

Red Sand Beach
photo credit: @tzywbacca

Keklingking Beach, Indonesia

Orange Sand Beach

photo credit: @hidwii

Papakolea Beach, Big Island, Hawai'i

Green Sand Beach
photo credit: @allardmj