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A New Kind of Buzz

California vibes have always been mellow, but a new crop of cannabis-themed experiences has West Coast travelers chasing a more refined high: think CBD-infused scrubs and massages at Solage Resort in Calistoga, or farm-to-table marijuana pairings at Lowell Cafein West Hollywood, which officially opens October 1. Not to mention inviting, upscale dispensaries and quaint stays on organic cannabis farms. We promise these are joints you won’t want to pass on.

@Lowell Cafe

West Hollywood

@Solage Resort, Calistoga

CBD Mellow Me Out Couples Massage
Photo credit: @theencanta

@Opulent Chef

San Francisco

@Goldenseal Skincare by Tarren Brooks

Cannabinol Facial
Photo credit: @aweaverphoto


@Urbn Leaf

Photo credit: @hareconstruction