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A Timeless Tour Through Turkey

A Timeless Tour Through Turkey

Sea and sun lover’s paradise

Immersed in history and surrounded by soaring mountains, sparkling beaches, valleys, and volcanoes, Turkey encapsulates just about everything you could ever desire in a vacation destination. The bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey is an incredibly diverse country, rich in culture and trade.

The unique Mediterranean climate allows for almost six months of summer in Southern parts of the country...so that counts as six months of vacation, right? With plenty to see, do, and explore, we definitely wish we had six months to spend in Turkey. 

The Turkish peninsula is surrounded by four breathtaking seas: the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean to the west, the Sea of Marmara between the European and Asian landmasses, and the Black Sea to the north. There are plenty of  jaw-dropping luxury resorts scattered along the coast where you can soak up the Turkish sun. Or if staying in boutique hotels nestled in the caves of breathtaking Cappadocia, or a revolving hotel in Antalya is more your style, there are numerous unique spots for you to explore as well. 

Wander around the Greco-Roman world of Ephesus (we recommend getting a tour guide to take you around the incredible site), and carve out a whole day to explore this ancient city if you can.

From the Pontus and the Taurus Mountains in the Eastern Highlands to the sun-soaked beaches on the Aegean coast, Turkey’s landscape and historic-yet-vibrant cities will amaze you over and over again.


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