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Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

Wilderness, wine, design.

The Tasmanian toggle between untamed wilderness and supremely cultivated eco-retreats is unlike any other in the world. The singular mash up—where preservation efforts meet leading-edge, sustainable hotel design—makes for an escape of extremes: By day, explore densely wooded rainforests and totally remote waterfalls, along with mind-boggling wildlife. Après adventure, embed yourself inside a series of luxury lodges where food, award-winning wines and amazing design take center stage.

Sweat Equity

Take a breathtaking 28-mile, five-day bushwalking hike with the Three Capes Lodge Walk. The guided walking experience along the dramatic and remote southern coast of Tasmania takes the intrepid through soaring cliffs, woodland, rainforest and more. By night, private eco-lodges designed by architect Andrew Burns include well-earned spa treatments.

Launch Pad

Eco-lodges have come a long way from their humble beginnings as proven by the 16 new curvaceous Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge, recently named a finalist in the World Architecture Festival awards. Perched within Freycinet National Park, the glass-and-timber suites mirror the undulating granite rock formations that unfurl toward the forests and Great Oyster Bay—a bushwalkers’ delight. Designed with the lightest of footprints by Tasmanian architecture firm Liminal Studio, the glass pods are custom-curved to forest topography. Wrap-around decks and al fresco soaking tubs make for the ideal spot to recap the day.

"By day, explore densely wooded rainforests and totally remote waterfalls, along with mind-boggling wildlife. Après adventure, embed yourself inside a series of luxury lodges where food, award-winning wines and amazing design take center stage."

The Brag

Adventure doesn’t stop at the table: Tasmanian native and chef Sarah Glover, author of Wild: Adventure Cookbook, shares her favorite culinary undertakings: Head for Faro at Mona, a new bar and restaurant located within the Museum of Old and New Art that pairs inventive plates with an art-filled visual feast. Tip: Make a $25 reservation to experience Unseen Seen, two installations by light artist James Turrell. Want to up the rugged factor? Cook your own meal on one of Tasmania’s most magical spots.

Inn Crowd

Transformed from a forgotten hydroelectric plant located at the tip of a pier on Australia’s deepest lake, Pumphouse Point nestles deep within World Heritage wilderness. With water on all sides—and next to nothing to distract from hiking, boating and fishing—the hotel gives a clever riff to its past via exposed copper piping and industrial looking lighting that complement warm, pared down interiors. Want to get even more remote? Book The Retreat, a standalone cabin tucked deep into the woods, completely invisible from the Pumphouse. Tip: Leave the littles at home. The hotel has a strict no-kid policy. All guests must be older than 18.


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Zhangjiajie, located in China`s Hunan province, is a stunning national park known for its towering sandstone pillars, deep ravines, and lush forests. It gained international fame as the inspiration for James Cameron`s "Avatar." The park`s surreal and otherworldly landscape, particularly the "Southern Sky Column" (renamed "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain"), served as the muse for the film`s floating mountains and lush forests. Zhangjiajie remains a popular destination for travelers seeking to witness the real-world beauty that inspired the cinematic masterpiece.

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