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Must-Get Travel Gadgets

Must-Get Travel Gadgets

Traveling with the right gear can upgrade an experience from so-so to spectacular: From getting more sleep to keeping feet happy, from taking memories to the next level with a VR camera to staying connected when entirely off the grid: We’ve captured the next generation of must-have gadgets to ensure you stay focused on the true travel essential: Adventure.

Pillow Talk

Getting some shut eye doesn’t have to include head-nodding, neck-snapping torture when travelling. The Trtl Travel Pillow is a way, way better choice than the classic U-shaped option. Made out of soft fleece with internal support for your head and neck, the pillow takes up less than half of storage space of U-shaped pillows, and could almost pass for a stylish scarf.


Sweet Dreams

An effective eye mask can be a make or break item when it comes to getting sleep in new environments. The Manta Sleep Mask blocks out 100% light, but it does so without putting any pressure on your eye or eyelashes. And that, in turn, allows free eye movement, which is critical to restorative REM sleep. Sound too good to be true? It actually works, and won’t tangle long hair in the process. 


Cash Money

Here’s a stylish option to that awkward, hard to reach money belt: With two secret zippered pockets, The Travel Scarf keeps your hands free and your valuables in a safe and unexpected place. Store your passport, phone, credit cards and cash in the cotton circle scarf that comes in black of navy and white stripes.


Shoe In

Travel is no time to risk uncomfortable footwear, no matter how beautiful those hand-crafted mules are. Which is why Allbirds are a key purchase, allowing you to ramble, hike and explore all day without the aching feet at night. Made out of wool, tree fiber and sugar cane, they’re crafted to look quietly stylish, not name-brand garish, traveling effortlessly between nature walks and museum treks.


Under Pressure

Vim & Vigr’s collection of compression socks — which promote blood flow, and can reduce the chance of swelling and even blood clots while flying — are stylish enough to wear on the ground. Patterned, plain, knee-highed or tights, there are enough options to keep everyone safe and snug 30,000 feet in the air.


Happy Hour

Here’s a flask that actually encourages communal cocktail hour. The VSSL Flask includes two collapsible shot glasses, an LED lantern for insta-ambience, a bottle opener and a compass to make sure you can both find your way back.


Head Gear

So you dream of biking your way across the Pyrenees but don’t exactly have the suitcase space for a bulky helmet? The Stack, from Priority Bicycles, offers head protection that is safety certified in both the US and EU. When collapsed, the 12-ounce helmet reduces in size by more than 40%.


Silence, Please

Crying babies on the plane, chiming church on the piazza, there is no end to unexpected noise when on the road. Drown it all out with Jabra 85h noise canceling headphones, currently debuting at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. With a 32-hour battery life on a single charge, the headphones paid with Google Assistant and Alexa and even allows you to adjust how much background noise you want to block out.

$299, available in April at Best Buy.

A Case for Basics

Everlane’s Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt holds its shape, even after multiple washes, so that it doesn’t regress to slouchy-slacker gear. Even better: It keeps you warm without taking up vital real estate in your suitcase.

Starts at $46.

Over & Out

Even if you’ve gone to the ends of the earth to get off the grid, you may need to communicate with your travel buddy. Enter goTenna Mesh, a clever little device that lets you use your cell phone, even when there’s no cell, Internet of satellite service. Relying on radio waves to send texts and GPS details, goTenna works like modern-day, miniature walkie-talkies.


Over & Out

Take your smartphone pic to the next level with Moment 58mm lens. Adding 2x the zoom to most iPhone and Galaxy devices, Moment telephoto lens brings you closer to your subject for portraits and wildlife shots, while its wide-angle ability lets you capture that landscape in all its glory.

$99.99 (cases, which start at $29.99, are also required)

Baggage Issues

Forget the four- and five-figure luggage sets. The smart money is on Away’s Carry-On collection, not just for its price point, but also for its gimmick-free, streamlined design. An ejectable battery allows you to charge your phone five times, while two zippers slot into a combination lock. A rainbow of color options lets you channel your signature hue, and avoid the pick up confusion.