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Most Colorful Cities

Most Colorful Cities 

Not all cities are grey concrete jungles

When one thinks of a typical metropolis, it's sky-high buildings with grey exteriors that normally come to mind, but there are plenty of vibrantly chromatic skylines around the world that are worth traveling for. These snapshots of rainbow villages and uniquely shaped buildings and streets will fill you with wanderlust and have you daydreaming about your next color-filled getaway. Keep scrolling for multi-hued spots that will lighten and brighten your travel bucket list.

Istanbul, Turkey

photo credit:  @takemyhearteverywhere

Barcelona, Spain

photo credit: @davide.anzimanni

Cinque Terre, Italy

photo credit: @davide_pietralunga

Cape Town, South Africa

photo credit: @elineheuts

Colmar, France

photo credit: @kyrenian

Menton, France

photo credit: @tarastolt