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Beach Insider: Montauk

Beach Insider: Montauk

Skip the Crowds at This Summer Getaway in The Hamptons

by Tyler Aposhian, General Manager of Ruschmeyers Hotel

With 5,000 acres of beaches and parks to explore, Montauk has long been a go-to island getaway for nearby New Yorkers seeking an escape from the city hustle. Head to this east coast paradise to experience the natural coastal beauty of the Hamptons, minus the crowds.

Best Beach

Typically I love the waves and enjoy hopping in at Kirk Beach (which is the first beach you hit when you come into town). However, things can get a little too busy there during the summer months. Other options are Ditch Plains Beach, a great place to catch a wave. Camp Hero State Park is great for fishing and wandering around.

Eat, Drink, Repeat

Montauket hotel and seafood restaurant is the spot for watching sunsets all summer long. Tuna melts at The Dock are a must.


I don't think much beats Ruschmeyers on Friday nights. After a sun-filled day at the beach, grab a Ruschmeyers cocktail (fresh watermelon juice, jalapeño and vodka), a hot-buttered lobster roll and sit under the lights in the magic garden. Play some ping pong, take a picture by the campfire and feel like a kid at camp again.

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